Ronnie Wood's Stones ultimatum

Updated: 2010-01-04 09:20
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Ronnie Wood's Stones ultimatum

Ronnie Wood is reportedly drinking two bottles of vodka a day.

The 62-year-old Rolling Stones rocker - who recently split from 21-year-old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova following a string of explosive rows - could be dropped by his group if he doesn't seek help for his excessive drinking.

A source said: "Ronnie's on a path to self-destruction. His daily alcohol intake is over 50 units."

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Following a showdown with the musician over his alcohol intake, Ronnie's ex-wife Jo Wood and children Leah and Tyrone reportedly called his bandmate Mick Jagger and begged the frontman to intervene.

The source added to the News of the World newspaper: "If anyone can make Ronnie listen it's the band.

"Mick is making it clear to Ronnie he must curb the drinking or he won't be coming on tour.

"He won't let Ronnie's drinking derail the band's plans and already has possible replacements in mind."

Nick Charles, a friend of the singer who runs Gainsborough Foundation rehabilitation clinic in Cambridge, UK, has offered to help Ronnie.

He said: "Ronnie looks as if he is heading for tragedy. I'd fix him up."

Ekaterina recently spoke out about how she feared Ronnie - who was recently cautioned for assaulting her - would kill her and admitted she felt so unhappy in their relationship that she tried to commit suicide.

She said: "At my lowest I think I really wanted to die, but none of the attempts were that serious.

"Who knows what he would have been capable of - he could have killed me, maybe."

The former waitress - who started dating Ronnie in July 2008 - also revealed that Ronnie's bandmates urged them to end their "destructive" relationship several times before they split last month.

She explained: "Mick Jagger had told Ronnie not to drink with me. He and the Stones were always nice to me and didn't try to split us up. But they knew we were destructive together and I think Mick worried what would happen to both of us."