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Jessica Simpson offered brain bun
Updated: 2009-10-16 14:11

Jessica Simpson offered brain bun

Jessica Simpson was offered a brain sandwich for a snack.

The blonde star has recently been working in Morocco filming her new TV show 'The Price of Beauty', and got squeamish when offered the local delicacy.

She said: "We definitely had our moments. Somebody threw a bun in front of me, and I was supposed to make a brain sandwich. You know, that's not really something I want to partake in!"

Despite the experience, Jessica loved her time in the country and says she found it "really empowering" to realise how much power women can hold without bearing their flesh.

She explained to America's OK! magazine: "The women there are incredible. Such powerful people, and going in, you would think that the women would be repressed, but there was nothing repressed about the women. The woman owns the house, she's in complete control.

"She stays covered to keep herself for her man, so everything is through her eyes. When somebody can carry themselves very confident, sexy, all-knowing, and be completely covered, it's all about what's inside of them.

"It's about what you define as beautiful. I love Morocco."

Meanwhile, the singer-and-actress has admitted she wants to try online dating.

The unlucky-in-love star - who was previously married to singer Nick Lachey and saw her romance with American football player Tony Romo end on the day before her 29th birthday in July - has never tried using the internet to find a partner, but is eager to give it a go.

She said: "Online dating?! Anybody can find love online, I guess, but I've never tried to find love online, I have to say."