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New bride: 61-year-old Liza Wang
Updated: 2009-05-06 11:17

New bride: 61-year-old Liza Wang
A wedding photo of Liza Wang (left) and Law Kar-Ying [Photo: Tungstar] 

Liza Wang, also known as "Big Sister" in Hong Kong's entertainment circles, has finally tied the knot with actor Law Kar-Ying after a two-decade-long courtship.

Wang, 61, and Law, 62, registered their marriage on May 2 in Las Vegas, United States, according to Hong Kong media.

The couple will officially announce their marriage upon their return to Hong Kong later this month.

Wang and Law met each other in 1987, about four years after Wang ended her previous marriage. In 1988, the couple announced their relationship following their first Cantonese opera cooperation.

Since 1996, Law has publicly proposed to Wang at least four times, but was refused each time.

Both of the stars have overcome cancer in recent years, and their support for each other during treatment is said to have solidified their relationship.