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Juliette's journey in China
By Chen Jie (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-02 09:20

Juliette's journey in China

Juliette Binoche and Akram Khan interpret love in In-i.

Juliette Binoche opens her heart and reflects on the dance drama that has brought her to China. It has clearly forced her to confront many intensely personal issues.

"Man and woman, Adam and Eve, the big questions about how we dare to love, what is love, how far do we love? Is emotion really love or can we call our needs 'love'? These all came to us," says Binoche of In-i, her contemporary dance production.

"It feels to me that love is the only way to survive in this world and that love is what life is about. I think I'm more frightened to be loved than to love. It makes me more vulnerable somehow. Because I've been disappointed in some of my relationships, I know that there's something wrong that I need to understand, to face or maybe to surrender to. As a child I felt love was "the biggest" and yet when I felt all my needs coming up as a teenager, and then through my relationships as I was growing up, it suddenly all felt complex, like playing a chess game."

In-i, the piece co-created, directed and performed by the Oscar-winning actress, has been widely acclaimed since it premiered at London's National Theatre last September.

After touring Europe, US, Canada and Australia, it has finally arrived here and the Frenchwoman says: "Maybe it's coincidence or something mysterious because the project began with a Chinese lady and now we end the tour in China." To help train her body and breathing, Binoche also learned Chinese qigong from a master in London.

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