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Gossip girl's on-set style
Updated: 2009-03-20 14:39

Gossip girl's on-set style

Actress Taylor Momsen is pictured filming the upcoming episode of "Gossip Girl" in New York City on Wednesday afternoon, March 18. [Photo:]

"Gossip Girl" starlet Taylor Momsen was spotted out working on the filming set of the hit TV play in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (March 18). The 15-year-old, who plays Jenny Humphrey in the drama, sported a few different looks during her filming session.

Momsen revealed earlier that her new rock band The Reckless would be putting out their album this year and she would start touring with the band around April.

Miss Momsem is the lead vocal, songwriter and guitarist of the band.

"It's a huge passion and totally important to me," she told Teen Vogue, "It's really exciting and probably not what people are gonna expect. Kinda dark, a little bit heavier - but we have our lighter, fun stuff too."

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