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E-Town products at Zhuhai Air Show

Updated : 2016-11-18
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The 11th China Air Show was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong province at the beginning of November. Advanced aircraft, missiles, rockets, and radars drew attention as they showed the power of the Chinese military industry, but civilian technological products, many developed in E-T-town, were also on display.


The air show was the first time the WHALE has surfaced. WHALE is a multi-functional concept car designed by Aerospace New Long March Electric Technology Co., Ltd. It can transform to 14.6 meter long, 6.4 meter wide, and 6.68 meter high , and extend a second floor covering 110 square meters. The original area of the WHALE car is 35 square meters, divided into two parts. The terrace adds another 11 square meters. The interior of the WHALE includes a bar counter and entertainment wall. Special air conditioners keep the WHALE at no hotter than 26 degree in summer and no colder than 18 degree in winter. The WHALE can resist level 8 winds and its service needs can be diagnosed remotely.

Beijing ZHZ Technology Co., Ltd brings out unmanned plane

The T333 unmanned helicopter has advanced bearingless rotors, the first to be used in a coaxial twin rotor unmanned helicopter. They reduce mechanical components and give the craft more reliability and longevity.

The T333 is 5.4 meters long, 3.3 meters wide and 3.325 meters high. The maximum takeoff weight is 3000 kilograms, and it can carry 1500 kilograms. Cruising time is 30 hours with a load of 200 kilograms. Its maximum speed is 300 kilometers per hour and it is capable of reaching an altitude of 3000 meters. The T333 will be used in national defense, electrical systems, farming, smuggling suppression, public security, exploration and aerial photography.

Beijing UAV Pilot Technology Co., Ltd brings plant protection machinery to the show

Beijing UAV Pilot Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2008. It has abundant research depth and development strength, especially in the industrial and military autopilot area.

The company's new products, the UPX-23 and UPX-10 electronic plant protection unmanned planes, are the result of long-term market research as well as service in agriculture and forestry plant protection. They are two of the best plant protection products available. The planes' bodies are of a high modulus graphite six and four rotor structure, and are light weight and strong. The planes feature high-performance motors and propellers and electronic speed controllers. And they have the advantage of intelligent control systems that spray uniformly and efficiently.