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Beijing Mercedes-Benz opens new training center

Updated : 2016-04-21
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Beijing Mercedes-Benz’s new training center went into operation on April 20. The center will integrate teaching resources, standardize training content and optimize its training system. It will help develop more high-end auto professionals for the company and upgrade talent cultivation work.

The nearly 10,000-square-meter building features 31 classrooms, such as the first Daimler MPS training classroom and the first electrician training classroom consisting of 13 modules, as well as rooms for automation, robotic, whole vehicle and engine training.

“It’s the high-tech talents that are able to help build high-quality vehicles,” said the company’s president and CEO Peter Schabert. “Therefore, we need to make full use of the center to develop more excellent talents and help Beijing Mercedes-Benz race ahead”.

The company has closely focused on operation management and talent development strategy and developed a training mechanism featuring software and hardware platforms, lectures and operation systems. The system covers new employees, leadership, overseas projects and professional skill training.

“The new international training building constructed to Daimler standards showcases Beijing Mercedes-Benz’s great attention to talent cultivation and shows that the company has basically established a talent cultivation software and hardware system in line with Daimler,” said Chen Hongliang, Party secretary of the company.

“We should set sights on the company’s long-term development and strategic goals in future, learn from Daimler’s successful experiences, and from those of other excellent enterprises in the industry such as BAIC Motor, and build a distinctive, efficient and practical training system that fits Mercedes-Benz as soon as possible. We need to make the training center a bridge and belt connecting Mercedes-Benz and external information and a cradle of growth for every employee”.

Mercedes-Benz has a highly-skilled team that by continuously upgrading its strength and skills could boost development of the auto industry in China. The company has 1,885 technicians at an advanced or above level, accounting for 22.76 percent of all automotive specialists nationwide.