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E-town launches three-year green development plan

Updated : 2016-03-09
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E-town will spend about three years to develop its green development pattern, which will be an important illustration of the achievements Beijing has made in this area.

The amount of standard coal E-town will save is estimated at 60,000 tons; about 10 million tons of water will also be saved; 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide will not be released; and the concentration of PM2.5 will be reduced by 40 percent on average each year. A series of distributed photovoltaic power stations with annual electric energy production of 36 million KWh will be built in the industrial parks, and 3,000 public rental bikes and 200 bike stations will be added.

One hundred and fourteen major projects by government and businesses covering 26 categories and invested with 4.7 billion yuan will be in place. They will support E-town’s development of atmospheric studies, energy, solid waste, water, environment, and management.

E-town aims to become an international industrial park using a green, low-carbon, and circular development model. The government and companies will work together to realize this target.