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New measures to protect environment

Updated : 2016-02-23
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E-town has launched several measures to protect the environment.

The Environmental Protection Bureau in E-town has launched several measures to protect the environment.

The measures seek to reduce pollution by local enterprises. According to the new measures, pollutant emissions should be clearly calculated before a new project is launched. Each kind of pollutant has its own method of calculation.

The Environmental Protection Bureau works closely with the Industry Promotion Bureau to pre-examine the pollutant emissions, and control the pollution from its origin. Projects that do not meet the standards will not be allowed to enter E-town.

However, it is not enough to only control the new projects, so E-town’s government calls upon all companies to work together to reduce pollutant emissions. The new plan of setting up an environmental protection fund not only helps companies reduce pollution, but also supports some environmentally friendly projects such as new energy cars and flying dust reduction.

The staff of the T Environmental Protection Bureau records the environmental protection conditions of all the companies in E-town. The seasonal and annual reports of more than 90 companies are issued by the department, laying a solid foundation for policy making and daily environmental protection work.