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Modern service industry promotes economic transition

Updated : 2016-01-28

The modern service industry in E-town is developing very fast with an annual increase of 8 percent, and is becoming the best example of economic restructuring.

The proportion of the service industry in GDP is seen as an important factor to evaluate the economic development level of a country. During the twelfth five-year plan, the service industry in E-town witnessed the fastest growth in history, and the producer service industry accounted for 23 percent of the total GDP.

The producer service industry promoted transformation of the manufacturing industry. It is providing services to industrial productions directly or indirectly. In recent years, finance, logistics, and e-commerce in E-town have been prospering and have greatly promoted changes in manufacturing.

E-town was also investing in capital markets. In recent years, nearly 100 major projects provided services for industry funding or investment, and achieved total low-cost funding of more than 12 billion yuan.

E-commerce companies in E-town have been leading the industry in Beijing for four years. The “State Demonstration Base of E-commerce” and the “Center of Beijing E-commerce” are located in E-town, so the E-commerce industry developed very early here.

The life service industry also promoted domestic consumption. E-town has been seeking new business models and technology innovations in the service industry, and the cultural creative industry in E-town has increased 10 percent compared to last year. The modern service industry has become a new highlight for E-town.