The Ancient Culture Street

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The Ancient Culture Street leaves many Tianjin residents with the impression of architecture from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Queen of the Heaven Palace, calligraphy, antiques and painting.

In fact, the Ancient Culture Street not only protects its original ancient architectural style, but also stages abundant folk cultural activities to exemplify its role as a historical and cultural district.

Li Yongli, minister of the Department of Tourism Management of the Ancient Culture Street, explains that, in terms of the maintenance of these ancient distinctive buildings, not only the well-known ancient buildings such as the Queen of Heaven Palace, and King of Heaven Palace, have been well protected, but age-old residential houses like Tongqing Li have also been renovated and its antique features have been preserved.

With its profound historical heritage and its religious buildings, the street is popularizing and maintaining Tianjin’s local cultural traditions in terms of human-featured activities, and is gradually recovering its original function as an important activity-holding venue in history.

It is also striving to revitalize its abundant historical and cultural features. The Mazu Festival, which has been held for over 10 years, is an important cultural activity held in the Ancient Culture Street, and it also serves as an indispensable part of the tourism and cultural industry of the street.

Every year, the temple fair is celebrated here, and it has become a classical activity of the residents in Tianjin during the Spring Festival. Li Yongli mentioned that more and more performances with unique themes and reflecting the city’s characteristics will be held here.

The street will also stage various activities reflecting traditional culture and the folk art flavor corresponding to its development.

Edited by Wang Yifei and Brian Anthony Salter

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