Western restaurants

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1. Kiessling

Address: 2-4F, No.33, Zhejiang Road (Corner of Xiaojianshe Road), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23315669

Business Hour: 09:30-21:30

Profile: This restaurant was started by a German Kissling in the year 1908, which was once a small restaurant that made and sold bread. Now it provides an array of food including candy, biscuits, coffee, bread and desserts in German, Russian and French flavours. The restaurant has hosted numerous official leaders, diplomats and other friends home and abroad.

2. Cheng Gui Restaurant

Address: No.287-289, Hebei Road (near Geda Building), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23311702

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: This restaurant is one of the oldest western restaurants in the area. It's located inside an in ancient British style building at the famous "Wudadao (Five Avenues) Sightseeing Street" of Tianjin.

3. B.J. Top Class

Address: 53F, Hisense Plaza, No.188, North Jiefang Road, Heping District

Tel: +86-22-58299698

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: Savory cheese is imported and tailor-made pizzas can be ordered. There are more than 20 kinds of pizzas that are made onsite by Italian pizza chefs.

4. Friday's

Address: 1F, Teda International Club, No.7+2, Fukang Road, Nankai District

Tel: 58695555-8456

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: Authentic American food is offered here. Comfortable sofa, spacious space for dining, 7 televisions at the bar counter. This is an ideal place for sports fans to watch matches, chat and drink. 5. La Seine

Address: No.50, Ziyou Street, Hebei District

Tel: +86-22-24460388

Business Hour: 10:00-24:00

Profile:Located in "Italian Style Town", it mainly serves French food. There is a VIP seating area inside the wine cellar, surrounded by more than 2,000 bottles of grape wine.

5. 211HOUSE

Add: 211, Xidi, Xiao Cheng Du Dao, Heping District (opposite No.91 Middle School)

Tel: 23511186

Business Hours: 10:00~24:00

Profile: The Western dishes here are the real deal, including a Beef Sandwich (38 yuan) that was recently added to the menu. The bread is extremely crunchy and the beef dressed with cheese is nice and tender.

The 211 House Salad (36 yuan) is a signature dish of the restaurant. Based on a low-calorie concept, the dish is a mixture of lettuce, tomato, corn, nuts, raisin, ham and cheese.

6. Pair Coffee with Some Waffles

Add: 1F International Department Store, 211 Nanjing Lu, Heping District (near Xikai Church)

Tel: 27837731

¥: 30RMB

Profile: Waffles are their speciality and come smothered with a huge amount of cream, prices are from 21 yuan. The banana waffle is particularly delicious.

Prices for coffee are a standard 28 yuan for cappuccinos and lattes. Frappes and Smoothies are from 31 yuan. There is a good selection of frappes and smoothies, including kiwi, blueberry and strawberry.

7. Trattoria Italiana

Add: 443, Sheng Li Lu, Hebei District (in the Italian Style Street)

Tel: 24460505

Profile: Spinach Tagliolini pasta with Crab Meat and Tomato sauce with Chilly and Garlic tastes fresh and has a strong flavor of tomatoes. Baby Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with Balsamic Vinegar is rarely found in other western restaurants. Cheese fans will definitely love it. Homemade Cheese and Bacon Veal Hamburger & French Fries are for "big stomachs".

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