Muslim restaurants

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1. Huifanglou Xinjiang Restaurant

Address: No.74, Dali Street (near Kunming Road), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23116066

Business Hour: 10:00-22:00

Profile: First built in the late Qing Dynasty, it was originally used to hold banquets for dignitaries or wealthy businessmen, possessing a good reputation among Moslem restaurants.

2. Hong Qi Shun Restaurant

Address: No.20, Area 3, Nanshi Food and Hotel Street, Heping District

Tel: 27266058

Business Hour: 10:00-22:00

Profile: Time-honored brand with a history of 70 years, its specialties are "Braised ox-tongue and tail in brown sauce"

3. 1618 Muslim Restaurant

Address: No.16-18, Machang Street (near Mu’nan Street), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23148888 23738888

Business Hour: 10:00-21:30

Profile: 1618 Muslim Restaurant is a European-style modern Muslim restaurant, Its classic dishes are"Lao Bao San", "Shui Bao Du", and "Jiang Yang Za".

4. Yang Shangshu

Address: No.406, Nanmenwai Ave., Heping District

Tel: +86-22-27301886

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: Yang Shangshu serves the local Moslem cuisine of Tianjin, especially "Jiang Yanggu" and "Fried Qibobo".

5. Kanas Xinjiang Restaurant

Address: No.5-6, Building 5, Tian Di Hui Jinmao Square, Heping District

Tel: +86-22-27348111

Business Hour: 10:00-21:00

Profile: It is noted for Xinjiang-flavored food, such as Roast whole lamb, Mutton shashlik, Mansaf, Da pan ji (Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper), and Baking Nang. Xinjiang songs and dances are performed during lunch and dinner hours.

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