Chinese restaurants

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1. Goubuli Grand Hotel Tianjin

Address: No.74, Munan Street (Corner of Guilin Road), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23133888

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: One of the branch stores famous for its "Goubuli Gaozi" in Tianjin. Its building has a garden villa with a European classical style. The building is listed as one of the most famed historical architectures in Tianjin. The building was designed by Austrian designer, Gai Ling.

2. Yue Wei Xian

Address: No.283-285, Hebei Road, Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23398888

Business Hour: 11:00-22:00

Profile: Famous for its Cantonese dishes, this restaurant was designed by an Italian architect Bao Naidi, built by Englishmen and completed in 1937. Ma Lianliang, a renowned Peking Opera master lived here. Over 3,000 cultural relics are displayed here with the total value exceeding 300,000,000 yuan. The restaurant won the title "A Museum Where You Can Enjoy Meals".

3. Deng Ying Lou

Address: No.284, Shanxi Road (Near Nanjing Road), Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23396668 23319898

Business Hour: 10:30-21:00

Profile: Time-honored restaurant, noted for Tianjin and Shandong dishes, various stir-fries and pasta snacks etc.

 4. Wei Ding Xuan

Address: No.36, North Gulou Street (West side of North Gate of Gulou ‘Drum Tower'), Central Chengxiang Road, Nankai District

Tel: 27280123

Business Hour: 11:00-22:30

Profile: Renovated from the residence of Cao Kun, president of former Beiyang Government in China's history. There are gardens, pavilions, outdoor seats, a romantic dining atmosphere. It is famous for its northern Chinese, especially the exquisite dishes that were once only enjoyed by families of nobles.

5. Xi Bei You Mian

Address: No.31, Heiniucheng Street, Hexi District

Tel: +86-2288279188, 88279168

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: This restaurant is serves typical Chinese northwest-flavor dishes. It's renowned for its beef, mutton, and noodles made of youmian (similar to "oat flour"). Home-made yogurt, milk tea and desserts, even "Feast for the whole sheep" (multiple dishes all made of mutton) are also popular. Northwest-style song and dance performances are sure to entertain guests.

6. South Beauty

Address: No.1, North Youyi Road (the junction with Machang Street), Hexi District

Tel: +86-22-23259327

Business Hour: 11:00-22:00

Profile: It occupies a business area of over 1,700 square meters, boasting Chinese and foreign refined dishes, but specializes in Sichuan Cuisine.

7. Bai Jiao Yuan

Address: Branch One: No.43, Pingshan Street, Nankai District (+86-22-23526120)

Branch Two: No.25, Tianjie Business Street, West Chengxiang Road, Nankai District (+86-22-27337817)

Branch Three: No.59, Kunwei Road, Hebei District (+86-22-26011886)

Branch Four: Building A, No.27, Second Ave., Binhai New Area (+86-22-62021188)

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: This chain breaks the Guinness World Records in terms of possessing the most varieties of dumplings in the world. It has 229 kinds of dumplings that are divided into ten key categories such as vegetable, seafood, potherb and healing dumplings. They are all made and boiled on the spot to keep them fresh and tasty.

8. Hai Di Lao Hotpot

Address: No.78, Xihu Street, Nankai District

Tel: +86-22-85685886

Business Hour: 10:30-21:00

Profile: The restaurant mainly offers Sichuan-flavored hot-pots. The service is second to none.

9. Zhouji Beitang Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant

Address: Fortune Plaza, No.21, Third Ave., Binhai New Area

Tel: +86-22-66218+86-22

Business Hour: 11:00-21:00

Profile: Seafood here is very fresh and varies according to the season. Food is cook the Tianjin way which attracts many customers from outside the area.

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