Red pandas settled in Pu'er National Park

By Li Yingqing and Liu Yujiao (China Daily Yunnan Bureau)
Updated: 2011-06-01 14:09
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44 red pandas were transferred from Nujing prefecture to Pu'er National Park, Yunnan province on May 30, making the park the largest red panda breeding base in China. More red pandas will be move to the park soon, which will host over 100 red pandas then.

Red pandas have reddish-brown fur, but one among the 44 is white. The male red panda is called Huan Huan (Joy), which was born white though his parents are both red. Huan Huan's white fur may have been caused by gene mutation, according to experts, but the peculiar color does not affect his life. He gets along with his peers. He found a mate three years ago and has a female cub.

Red pandas are native to southwestern China and are national grade II animal for key protection in the country.