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33,000 sit civil servant exam in Shaanxi
By Yuan Yue (China Daily Shaanxi Bureau)
Updated: 2009-11-30 16:38

A total of 32,770 people participated in China's national examination for 2010 on November 29 in Shaanxi, according to the Provincial Administration of Civil Servants.

Stiff competition in the national civil service exam continues in Shaanxi province, where 35,540 people signed up to take the test. Nearly 91% of the applicants went on to take the written exam.

Strict measures are taken to prevent possible cheating. Cheaters can be barred from civil service for life. Also, extra forces are deployed at the examination site to look for the use of wireless devices and internet cheating.

The minimum passing mark is to be announced in mid-January next year. Candidates who passed the written exam can attend the interviews starting in late March.

"Being a civil servant is my ideal job," said Li Wei, who signed up for the Inland Revenue Service in Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi province. "It is comparatively secure, and can provide me with decent salary."