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Judo is a sport that demands a physical and strategic performance, testing the qualities of strength, touch, balance and sensitivity. Firstly, it was a martial art activity for practising mobility-related skills, self-confidence, self-discipline and independence but was gradually established at a competitive level.

Judo was included on the Paralympic Programme for the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. The sport is widely practiced in over 30 countries by both male and female athletes. The ATHENS 2004 Paralympics was the first time that women's weight categories were offered in Judo. Competitors must use different techniques to overcome or immobilize their opponent. The sport is open to athletes with blindness/visual impairment in several weight categories.

The contest lasts five minutes, for both men and women and the winner is the athlete who scores an ippon or who scores the greater number of points. The sport is governed by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSF) and follows the International Judo Federation (IJF) rules used at other top-level, able-bodied judo events, with slight modifications for athletes with a visual impairment, which allow them contact with their opponent before the start of the match.

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