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Updated: 2008-08-29 16:03


Rowing is the youngest sport in the Paralympic Games. It was introduced to the Paralympic Programme in 2005 and will hold its first Paralympic competitions at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Adaptive Rowing is Rowing or Sculling for athletes with a disability who meet the criteria as set out in the Adaptive Rowing classification regulations. 'Adaptive' implies that the equipment is 'adapted' to the user to practice the sport, rather than the sport being "adapted" to the user.

The International Rowing Federation (FISA) is the sole world governing body for Rowing. Adaptive Rowing is open to male and female athletes, and is divided into four boat classes which are included in FISA's World Championship programme: LTA4+, TA2x, AW1x and AM1x.The LTA4+ and TA2x are mixed gender boats. Races are held over 1,000m for all four events (although LTA4+ was raced over 2,000m until the FISA 2005 World Rowing Championships).

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