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Both Israel and Hamas defiant

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-15 08:25

Through its military action, Israel mainly aims at deterring Hamas, so that it dare not or cannot launch rockets from the north of Gaza; that's why they are relying on air strikes and trying not to get drawn into a ground battle.

But Israel is far from achieving that aim, as Hamas is continuing its rocket attacks. If Israel does send ground forces, it will face casualties and the pressure of domestic opinion that will follow.

Today Morning Express, July 14

Hamas as a radical political force is ruling Gaza with local support, it has also eased tensions with Fatah, and the two formed a coalition government this June. Israel has launched strikes against Hamas, because if the Hamas responds by launching rockets against civilians, Israel will have an excuse not to negotiate with Palestine.

Besides, the United States hopes to retreat from the Middle East, so it expects Israel to make concessions, which Israel does not want to do.

Li Weijian, professor and director of the Shanghai Institute of International Studies,, July 14

The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict might not ease in the near future as rage reigns on both sides; worse, neither Egypt, nor the United States which is trapped in Iraqi affairs, can mediate as they did.

There was hope of easing tensions, but Israel suspended negotiations following Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' compromise with the radical group Hamas this April. Later, with three young Israelis kidnapped and killed, and one Palestinian burned to death, possibly in revenge, the mutual hatred has finally burst into open conflict.

Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po, July 10

Despite having called up part of its military reservists, Israel might not want to escalate tensions. Both Israel and Palestine suffered large casualties in the 2008 conflict so they are trying to avoid ground battles, with the former mainly launching air strikes and the latter using rocket attacks; minimizing the death toll is what the opponents share in common. This time they might continue the strategy.

Yu Manyi,, July 10

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