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Young generation will make the difference

Updated: 2013-08-12 14:25
By Li Ran (

I met several Japanese exchange students in Peking Univerisity. I did appreciate their politeness, devotion, hard-work, and the ability to be always at the centre of parties. Of course, inevitably topics concerning China and Japan were brought up after lunch, in bars, in common rooms, casually or formally. We acted as if we were the presidents and stated bluntly our opinions though enormous differences, most of the time, conversations hardly ended unpleasantly.

Though all the divergences, I am always particularly enthusiastic and hopeful about the future between China and Japan since I am fully under the belief two countries like China and Japan, closely related geographically, historically and culturally, will be united by common interest eventually. Further, I am confident I should and I can do something; when our society is composed of mainly younger generations, with more understanding, things will work out in the end.[More]

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Young generation will make the difference