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Netizens express support for quake-hit Yushu

Updated: 2010-04-19 14:44
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Yushu, hit by a devastating quake, has touched the hearts and minds of the netizens of, who conveyed their condolences to the quake victims, offered suggestions on quake relief, and expressed appreciation for the government's rapid response.

Most of the posts are blessings and wishes encouraging the quake victims to be strong. American netizens called JOLIN and GIL said, "We send our sincere condolences to all who suffered in Qinghai. We pray that you will be blessed with the strength to recover and the love to support one another in this time of tragedy."

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Another American netizen called Seaknight wanted to help in his way. "With Love from America. China is a great country full of wonderful, caring people. They will survive this and come back stronger. We pray for miracles, safety and comfort for the victims and rescue workers. God Bless the Chinese people in their time of need. We will collect donations and send aid soon to help rebuild. Our hearts are with you, always."

Many netizens praised the Chinese government's swift reaction to the tragedy. A Japanese netizen named Satsu_jin is now in Xining, capital of Qinghai province. He indicated that China is doing its utmost to rescue people. "I can assure you and all the others that China's authorities are doing a hell of a job to rescue all people who are still buried under the rubble of this quake. Persons with severe injuries are airlifted from the quake center to Xi'ning, where dozens of ambulances are piled up at the airport to transport the victims to hospitals in and around Xi'ning. There are also many heavy trucks operating to the epicenter of the quake with all possible equipments available. I sincerely hope that the number of casualties does not increase."

A Chinese netizen called H. Yi deemed that a sudden tragedy can only make Chinese people more united and that the Chinese are making national efforts to minimize the loss and save the most lives. "This kind of unity has created the modern miracles that many other countries in the world have come to envy."