Leave Brother Sharp alone

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-03-08 07:47
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Seeking pleasure at the expense of another's dignity is anything but civilized behavior that should never be advocated in a civilized society.

The overnight online popularity of a vagabond because of his handsome face and seemingly vogue but dirty outfits has put too much attention on him. When a lot of people approach this so-called Brother Sharp for a photo, when a lot of cameras aim to capture his facial expressions and when some including a local shelter offer to help him, his peaceful life has been seriously interrupted.

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He shed tears and even yelled at the heavens when he grew desperate at all of the attention. Apparently, he doesn't need or want that much attention and it is actually making him feel horrible.

Internet users are getting a sense of satisfaction out of the numerous photos and videos of him and his life drifting on the streets of Ningbo, a coastal city. And even when they show sympathy to Brother Sharp, the sense of satisfaction is the motivation behind it.

They have not or will never put themselves in the shoes of Brother Sharp, said to be mentally impaired. Even if he were mentally sound, given his position as a vagrant, all of the public attention could insult him.

Being a vagrant and a beggar can never be something to brag about. Has anyone who has been tickled by Brother Sharp's handsome face and outfits ever thought of revealing their own bones in the closet for the purpose of entertaining others?

If not, why do we have fun at the cost of this man's dignity? Leave this poor young vagabond alone and let him enjoy his own way of life.

(China Daily 03/08/2010 page8)