Organizers: Make sure fully satisfy disabled athletes

Updated: 2008-09-03 14:05



So far, delegations from fifteen countries have already checked into the Athletes' Village in Beijing.

Paralympians are also registering in the co-host city of Qingdao for the sailing events. Organizers are certain that the disabled athletes will be fully satisfied with the facilities and services at their disposal.

Disabled athletes will have access to convenient services as soon as they arrive in Qingdao, the host city for the Paralympics' sailing events.

Airport service staff have been well-trained. They are ready to help out 15 minutes before the athletes are due to arrive.

Meanwhile, Qingdao's athletes' village has been busy welcoming Games participants from 25 countries. They are all here for the sailing events.

Zheng Jun, manager of Qingdao Events Info. Service, said, "For registration, we use long tables which are only 1.2 meters high, so it's easier for athletes in wheelchairs. This is also more convenient for face-to-face communication."

Tickets for Qingdao's sailing events are on sale now, at an affordable 10 yuan. Individuals can purchase a maximum of 10 tickets each.

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