Passion for sports lasts after Beijing Games

Updated: 2008-09-03 11:40



The Beijing Olympics are over, but enthusiasm for sport continues. In northeast China's Liaoning Province, enthusiasm for physical exercise has sent people rushing to parks and training fields.

The early bird gets the ping pong table in this park. Late comers might find they have a long wait.

People in Shenyang, provincial capital of Liaoning, are still enthusiastic about sport after the Beijing Games. The national ping pong team's outstanding performance is big encouragement.

A Shenyang resident said, "Our players did so well in the Beijing Games. I believe this will raise more people's interest in Ping Pong."

But their passion goes beyond China's national sport.

In this northern inland city with a big lake, people also want to get a taste of sailing. The places for training courses are fully booked.

Demand for sports equipment is also surging. Store owners say many products are sold out.

Sports store manager Yang Peng said, "The selling is incredibly good here. Some popular products are usually sold out within a day."

Now, more and more people are taking part in various sports. The Olympics were only 17 days, but health lasts a lifetime.

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