Olympics inspire Olympic sports lessons in Beijing

Updated: 2008-09-01 16:35


Beijing schoolchildren, returning to school on Monday after China's hugely successful showing in the city's Summer Olympics, will receive physical education every day, state media said.

The opening ceremonies on the first day of school across the city were marked by Beijing 2008-inspired themes placing an emphasis on Olympic education in the new school year.

"Students had huge grins on their faces upon receiving the new schedules with volleyball, aerobics and co-ed sports courses added daily, compared to just sports activity time before," the Beijing Youth Daily said.

China has in the past promoted more exercise to beat growing obesity in its children, blamed on a sedentary lifestyle and fondness for unhealthy Western-style fast food.

Figures show about a quarter of Chinese adults are obese or overweight, which is lower than many other countries but has jumped from 13 percent in 1991 with forecasts it could double by 2028.

Two years ago, the Education Ministry ordered compulsory dance exercises including waltzes at all primary and secondary schools to get children fit.


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