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Olympic souvenir stamps well received in Lhasa
By Yang Jie (
Updated: 2008-04-11 15:46


Beijing Olympic souvenir stamps featuring the torch relay and Olympic venues are warmly received by locals in Lhasa, capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

"I wish the Beijing Olympic Games complete success," said Kalsang Drolma, holding a red torch relay stamp folder with the title, "Light the Passion, Share the Dream".

Stamp-collector Kalsang Drolma from Shigatse Region in the southwest of the Tibet Autonomous Region is on a business trip in Lhasa. She spent 88 yuan buying two different Beijing Olympic souvenir stamp folders, including various editions of the torch relay souvenir stamps.

Beijing Olympic souvenir stamps are selling well in Lhasa and local shopkeepers have to constantly renew their stock. The first day issue of torch relay stamps sold out the first day they were put onto market.

"The Beijing Olympic Games belong not only to China, but also the world," said Li Jianjiang, an employee from the People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Games are not just something for all Chinese to feel proud of, but also provide an opportunity for people around the world to get to know each other.

Li isn't a philatelic fan, but in the end he bought five kinds of Beijing Olympic souvenir stamps, including the first day issue album of the Beijing Olympic venues, which is priced at 240 yuan. Subsequently all 20 copies of the album were sold out on April 9, the first day they arrived in Lhasa.

Before leaving, Li also left his phone number with the sales clerk and told him to call him as soon as they have new products. He recorded it in a notebook full of phone numbers of other customers.

The same clerk also said that sales of the Beijing Olympic souvenir stamps topped 10,000 yuan on April 9.

Issued by the State Post Bureau, there are four sets of souvenir stamps on the Beijing Olympics since November 2005, showcasing every aspect of the Beijing Games, including the torch relay, Olympic venues, mascots, logos and sports events.

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