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Beijing to take 1.65M cars off roads during Olympics
Updated: 2008-01-23 15:06


Beijing plans to take more than one and a half million cars off the roads during the Olympics, said an official from the Beijing Traffic Management Department on Tuesday.

The official said, by the time the Olympics begins, there will be about 3.3 million vehicles running in Beijing, putting more pressure on the roads.

To restrict the use of vehicles, the government would cut the number of vehicles on the roads by exercising a ban on government vehicles, similar to the one used during the Beijing Summit of Sino-African Cooperation Forum in 2006, and last August’s 4-day test of alternating cars with license plate numbers ending in even and odd numbers.

During the Games, there is a plan to have more buses, including 173 shuttle bus lines and 34 lanes dedicated to Olympic traffic.

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