Xinjiang sets up first fire disaster experiment base

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Updated: 2011-09-21

According to Tianshan Network reports, Xinjiang has recently established its first fire disaster scientific experiment base in the Urumqi economic development zone (Toutunhe District). The project was constructed with a total investment worth 40 million yuan.. On the morning of September 20, Du Lanping, chief engineer of the Fire Department of Ministry of Public Security, and Zhu Cangjie, vice-chairman of the autonomous regional government and director of the regional public security department, jointly unveiled the experiment base.

The base was put into construction on April 8, 2010, and was completed in June 2011. It occupies a land of 7,200 square meters and has 9,200 square meters of floor space. It is a multi-level and multi-function public fire technology service platform for fire scientific research, fire cause technical appraisement, and fire control products testing. It integrates technical services and scientific development. It is a key component of Xinjiang public security fire corps to innovate social fire control management. To date, the fire science experiment base has passed national lab ratification. It has been awarded with metrology accreditation and a certificate from the regional bureau of quality and technical supervision. It has the power to test 34 products relating to 267 parameters.

To cope with the demands of fire control and to maintain social stability, the base is equipped with 268 sets of inspection facilities for fire cause identification and fire control products quality inspection, valued at 10 million yuan. There is a first-class refractory test furnace wall, metallurgical microscope, direct-reading spectrometer, and liquid chromatograph. They facilitate the inspection of construction component refractory limits, gross heat of material combustion, and wire melted bead metallographic analysis.

The founding and operation of the fire scientific experiment base is recognition that Xinjiang has made substantial progress in fire science research, fire cause investigation, and fire proof product quality control. It will have a wide impact on Xinjiang’s efforts to maintain fast economic and social progress, and elevate the capacity of fire control.