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Contemporary art exhibition opens in Karamay

By Yuan Shuliang and Ge Jieru Updated: 2014-12-01

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A contemporary art exhibition with the theme “Leaping Forward” opened in Karamay Cultural Creative Industrial Park on Nov 8. More than 70 paintings by 10 domestic artists were displayed during the exhibition, Karamay Daily reported. After the artists arrived in Karamay, they spent five days creating more than 50 art works depicting the beautiful scenery of Karamay. Popular scenic spots in Karamay such as World Ghost City, Heiyou Mountain and the Euphrates poplar forest were depicted in these paintings.

“This exhibition was held in accordance with international exhibition standards. The artists brought their own art works and also created sketches of the local scenery in Karamay. Sketch works and the final artistic works are quite different. Audiences here can see both sketch works and the final artistic works, which enable them to gain a better understanding of artists’ thoughts and artistic creativity. The exhibition provided artists with a good platform to display their work, while also providing artists an opportunity to learn from each other,” said Zhang Lin, curator of the exhibition. Zhou Yanhan, a 12-year-old primary school student, visited the exhibition with 20 other classmates. They were warmly welcomed. Artists participated in the exhibition and introduced their work and their painting philosophy to the little painters. They also answered a variety of questions raised by the students. “At the beginning, I couldn’t understand the art works very well. But after the teacher’s explanation, I had a better understanding of the paintings. I will work hard to be a good painter just like them,” said Zhou Yanhan.

Academic Director Gu Yaofeng said: "This exhibition operates at a very high level in China. Every artist has their own characteristics and style, representing different artistic directions. This exhibition will certainly produce some positive effects for the city and local residents. I really like it here, and I will definitely come back if I have the chance.”

Song Haixia, director of the culture and sports bureau of Karamay district, said: "The government has strongly supported the development of small culture enterprises. This exhibition is themed around calligraphy and painting art. In the future, more exhibitions with diverse themes will open in Karamay to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of local residents.”

Contemporary art exhibition opens in Karamay

Liu Su is a member of the Chinese Artists Association and the director of the art department in Beijing Xuanwu Red Flag Amateur University. [Photo/epaper.kelamayi.com.cn]

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