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Karamay youth swimming team takes golds

By Liao Yuan And Fan Rong Updated: 2014-08-22

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Karamay swimming team grabbed 38 of the 78 gold medals and broke five records by the end of the youth swimming group race during the 13th Xinjiang Games on Aug 11.


Four of the records were broken by Ma Siyuan – one of the Karamay team members, and the team record was broken by four members including Ma Siyuan.


“The atmosphere was harmonious. Athletes made friends with each other during the competition and there was no acrimony at all,” Wang Fusheng, head of the judges, said.


“We should introduce and train a group of professional coaches and judges using the excellent facilities in Karamay. We should hold more events to promote the economic benefits and popularity of our city,” Wang added.


Edited by Brian Salter