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First Fidelity Art Auction held in Karamay

By Liao Yuan And Sun Bo Updated: 2014-08-15

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The hammer went down at 1:20 p.m. on Aug 9, announcing the end of the Northern Hill Fidelity Art Auction. The auction saw 76 of 118 calligraphy works and paintings fare extremely well, bringing in a total of 1.12 million yuan ($181,758).


The auction began that morning at the Tea House of Karamay Culture Street with over 60 participants. During the two-hour auction, 23 bidders competed fiercely.


The auction’s biggest winner was Mr. Chen, a local businessman. He bid 450,000 yuan on Mr. Du Linzi’s traditional painting, “Snow Rhythm”, the most expensive Chinese painting appraised at 400,000-500,000 yuan.


Mr. Li, a collector from Urumqi, bid on 16 works for a total amount of 137,000 Yuan. Although he won many, he just barely missed Gong Jianxin’s paintings. “The prices at this auction are really low,” he said. “I can’t imagine collecting works of Xinjiang’s famous artists for this price in Urumqi.”


Among 10 auction works of native calligraphers or painters, two Chinese paintings failed to attract buyers. The highest price for a native calligraphy work was 6,000 yuan, 3,800 yuan for Chinese traditional paintings.


“I did not expect so many collectors to bid,” said Tang Yuepei, the president and editor-in-chief of Karamay Daily, one of the co-organizers.


Luo Jun, chairman of Northern Hill Culture Communication co.’s board of directors, said this year’s auction served as trial. From now on, the auctions will include jade and other valuable goods. This, he said, will promote the development of the native culture market.


The activity was held jointly by Northern Hill Culture Communication co., ltd., and the Karamay District Literature and Art Association. The three co-organizers were Karamay Daily, the Karamay Collection Association and Karamay Huachen Auctions co., ltd.


Edited by Noelle Mateer