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Ziyemada Lamb Neck Restaurant

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Xinjiang cuisine is famous for its boldness and for being quite filling – especially the typical Northwestern dishes, such as roast meat eaten with the hands, rice eaten with the hands and spicy chicken. People in the western region of China supposedly express their directness and hospitality in the local cuisine. Instead of paying much attention to details, they are said to prefer having their favorite dishes in huge plates.

The Ziyemada Lamb Neck Restaurant developed its signature lamb neck dish in 2004 based on the traditional Xinjiang cooking method. The chef selects the best meat from the lamb neck - which is the most delicate and tender part of the animal - and cooks the neck with a secret recipe handed down from generation to generation. The well-cooked lamb neck looks bright, smells good and tastes delicious. Pepper, onion and other seasonings can be added according to the personal taste.

Address: No 8 Tashan Road, Karamay

Tel: +86 990 6998 333, +86 990 6867 564