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Developing three major emerging industries for dynamic growth

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First, the finance industry and its environment, with preferential policies as a start, followed by a survey of policies and systems and an improved credit system for a long-term development, and we need to attract more major security firms to provide better financing in future, based on existing financing sites.

Second, improve the information industry by accelerating project development and building the base, and we need to improve the digital city information system to attract more information companies for R&D. The advanced information product and technology sector will boom after work on a database for Petro China’s Xinjiang branch and a disaster preparedness center get underway. We also need to increase the e-government process to ensure safe operation in the information network.

Third, the tourism sector needs more attention, with policies and guidelines for local tourism covering the next five years as soon as possible and better support facilities, where the private factors can play a larger role. Tourism can develop more sites related to the oil industry, using the oil city and we need to decide on a city image and logo and improve the website, while coming up with a good international tourism festival with advanced services.