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Six ways to speed growth overall

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1. Develop the gas production base faster, with the parties involved bearing in mind the fact that the gas is for oil production, and that there needs to be better coordination for the growth of the major oil and gas field.

2. Develop the oil refining and chemical engineering industry faster, with better services for the major projects – Dushanzi oil-refining and ethylene and Karamay expansion of petrifaction - and industry base development focused on increased petrifaction capacity and follow-up industries, and optimal distribution of these industries. More efforts need to go into attracting companies to the base and to making sure that work on industry projects goes as planned.

3. Speed up technical service improvements with State-owned enterprises in oil and gas drilling, production, engineering construction, exploration, design, and pipelines being given stronger support in achieving their productive service goals. These enterprises need to be encouraged to transfer their technology, supply more raw materials, and increase markets for companies at the base to work together for better services.

4. Increase development of the machine manufacturing business by drawing up industry base plans and speeding up work on facilities and the environment to provide a high-quality site; then we need to attract major companies from China and abroad to settle here and, in turn, attract more local companies. Equipment manufacturing companies are also welcome to help with heat piping, oil piping, pump, and other advanced technology development to give the base greater influence over a larger area.

5. Give oil storage priority at a time when the country is increasing strategic oil reserves and Petro China has begun creating commercial oil reserves, so we need to use our advantages in oil pipeline development and our existing storage system to pull in more oil reserve and storage projects. To do this, we need to do our best in land use, facilities, safety and emergency management, and logistics support.

6. Push engineering education by starting with improving the design of buildings on campus, then work on protecting the environment, partly by cooperating with the China University of Petroleum to make the education base a national engineering education center. Karamay College of Engineering and Technology needs to follow Xinjiang’s 12th Five-year Plan, and the education base needs to increase cooperation with major enterprises and provide training programs for them to gain a reputation in China and elsewhere.