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Baijiantan distrct, Baishatan scenic spot project

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Introduction The Baishatan scenic spot is a cultural space based on controlled development for the reservoir and its ecology. The project will cover Dayan Lake, Hero Square, and the Water Mountain Fortress. Dayan Lake has an average depth of four meters with 3million cubic meters of water, over a 500,000-square-meter area. It can provide tourist, boating and fishing services. Hongshanzui Waterfall is at the northern end of the lake, with a nine-meter drop. Hero Square will be used as a Patriotic Education Base for young people and a record of changes to the Baijiantan district. The Water Mountain Fortress will be a scenic spot that integrates oriental and occidental cultures. It is upstream from Daya Lake and will serve as a "backyard" for Baishatan.
Construction The district government will oversee construction work on infrastructure, under a “Whoever designs, whoever invests, gains” principle and welcomes any and all enterprises or person to get involved in the design, development, investment, and management work, including for Hero Square, the Baishatan Reservoir, ecological forest, and related roads. Any contractor will be expected to contribute a certain amount of the cost to the local government for the utilization and maintenance of the infrastructure.
Situation The Baishatan scenic spot is expected to have a complete infrastructure system.
Facilities The Baishatan spot is surrounded by scenic areas, including an ecological forest, Daya Lake, Hero Square, and the Water Mountain Fortress and will be designed as a recreation and tourism area with complete facilities and a lovely environment, centered on Baishatan Reservoir.
Contacts Address: Baijiantan district, Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
  Contact: Liu Mi
  Telephone: +86-0990-692-3936
  Contact: Han Desheng
  Telephone: +86-0990-692-3629