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Baijiantan district, Kairui Mansion

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Background  As the economy develops, science and technology, and the quality of living are improving, which will in turn boost the tourist business, which, as a large, new sector, will drive economic growth. And, the hotel business, a fundamental part of the tourist economy, is an important source for tourism revenues to drive the industry further and improve related sectors.
Baijiantan is in the northwestern corner of the country, 20 kilometers from the Karamay urban area, with Toli county to the north, the Hoboksar Mongolian autonomous county to the south and Urho district to the northeast. It is also 70 kilometers from the Urho Ghost Castle, a famous scenic spot, with convenient transportation and communication networks, near Karamays airport and railway station, and is a regular stop on the way to the Urho Ghost Castle and Kanas Lake, a scenic spot in northern Xinjiang. The central governments strategy for the Midwest calls for Karamay will develop a Global oil city, boutique tourist services, and a tourism hub in northern Xinjiang. By developing alongside Karamay, Baijiantan will be on the frontier of cultural tourism.
However, Baijiantan is short of tourists, business, and related service facilities, especially top hotels and the Kairui Mansion is the perfect building site to bring social and economical benefits for clients.
Construction site This is a convenient location for transportation and other services, situated to the south of National Rd 217 and surrounded by the Xinjiang Beiken Energy Engineering Co, Baijiantan tax bureau, and Baijiantan district government. 
Scale The Kairui Mansion design calls for a building with one floor below ground and 17 above, with a total area of 17,533 square meters, with a two-story adjunct building and a 15-floor main building, with a height of 73.95 meters.
Estimated cost 55 million yuan ($8.9 million)
Function information Kairui Mansion is a comprehensive service building with office facilities, accommodation, dining, business offices, recreation area, entertainment, finance center, and communications center.
Address Guangsheng Capital Co, Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region
Contact Mou Jianping
Telephone 86-0990-638-0085   +86-137-0990-3996
Contact Yang Xiaokun
Telephone 86-0990-638-0086   +86-189-9951-8531