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Fully mechanized coal mining equipment project

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Introduction The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has some of China's abundant coal resources, with most of the mines running a large-scale operation. The coal machinery sector has stepped into its "golden period of development" period with the increasing mechanization degree in the sector. 
Estimated cost 500 million yuan ($81.4 million)
Site Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Zone
Scale 20 sets of fully mechanized coal mining equipment per year
Investment environment The zone has many large metals, equipment, and parts manufacturers and industrial zones within 300 kilometers of the projects to provide support materials, components and technology.
Market forecast The Shenhua Group, Xuzhou Coal Mining Group, Yankuang Group, and other large coal companies will expand their businesses in the region leading to an increase in demand for fully mechanized coal mining equipment. Xinjiang will shut down any coal mines with a production capacity of less than 300,000 t/a, while many small-to mid-sized mines will upgrade their mining equipment, which will cost around 2.15 billion yuan in all. 
Advantages Strong market demand and raw materials provision
Economic forecast Estimated annual sales of 600 million yuan
Approaches Sole proprietorship, joint venture, or cooperation
Contacts Address: Management Committee, Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Zone
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