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Universal basic components project

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Introduction This calls for the production of parts such as bearings, gears, standard fasteners, hydraulic valves, hydraulic transmission boxes, pneumatic components, sealing systems, and rubber and plastic seal components for oil drilling, coal mine, and automobile equipment. It also calls for the manufacturing of industrial automation and control systems, as well as instruments and meters.
Estimated cost 250 million yuan ($41 million)
Site Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Zone
Scale An entirely integrated support and manufacturing center for universal components.
Investment environment The Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Zone has many large metals, equipment, and parts manufacturers and various industrial zones within 300 kilometers of it for support materials, components, and key technology.
Market forecast Equipment manufacturing will be a leading industry in Karamay and increase the demand for universal components. Currently, most of the components the zone needs are brought in from outside XinJiang, so the zone is in urgent need of a complete support business. 
Advantages Strong market demand and raw materials.
Economic forecast Estimated annual sales of 300 million yuan.
Approaches for projects cooperation Sole proprietorship, joint venture, or cooperation, with the zone expected to attract related support companies by introducing large machinery companies.
Contacts Address: Management Committee, Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Zone.
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  Fax: +86-0990-623-2868 +86-0990-699-4915
  Postcode: 834000
  Contact: Zong Yuan