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Updated: 2014-03-17


Huocheng county, located in the Ili Valley in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, has 13 towns and villages occupying an area of 5,720 square kilometers with a population of 407,000. North of the county are the Tianshan Mountains, and to the south lies the Ili River. Yining, the capital city of Ili prefecture, lies to the east. To the west is China’s border with Kazakhstan.


Geographical location

Huocheng is a major gateway of the Ili Valley and a key passage to Central and West Asia. State roads 312 and 218 pass through the county. Horgos Port, the largest land port in Northwest China, is also located in the county. Huocheng has become a hub for highway and railway transport.

Natural resources

Huocheng has 23 rivers in total with plentiful groundwater. It is renowned for its large number of wild fruit trees and ample Chinese herbal medicine resources.

The county is considered to be the home of red globe grapes, apples, flat peaches and lavenders in China, as well as the only wild cherry plum producer in Asia. In addition to its wealth of grains, wools, meats, fruits and vegetables, Huocheng boasts rich mineral resources of 33 varieties, including coal, iron, copper, silver, gold and marble.

Huocheng is also a key attraction for tourists around the country with a great number of scenic spots, such as Sayram Lake, Guozigou and Fushou Temple. Rolling green pastures, clear creeks and colorful wildflowers contribute to Huocheng’s distinctive tourism.

Favorable environment

The Huocheng economic and technological development zone is an ideal place for investment, with abundant preferential policies, supporting facilities and a favorable investment environment. In recent years, Huocheng has enhanced cooperation with inland cities. The central government also launched a series of supportive policies to promote the county’s development.

Bustling market

Huocheng has had a strong trade economy since ancient times. Horgos Port in the county connects with countries in Central Asia and West Europe, providing convenience in domestic and foreign trade. The county is also the biggest trading center for agricultural products and the biggest logistics center in Xinjiang.