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Our philosophy

Updated: 2014-08-20 (

Touchroad has been committed to consolidating and extending the traditional friendship between China and Africa. Humans are the most essential element in promoting China-Africa friendship.

Cooperation must attract people from all walks of life that are interested in and have insights about Africa. These people, driven by their enthusiasm for Africa, should be willing to come and settle down in order to really understand Africa.

Chinese people need to communicate with the African people to make ourselves understood. Understanding is a prerequisite for approval. In return, China should listen to its African friends in a sincere and equal manner. Equality is the trademark of a strong nation.

There are already millions of Chinese living in and exploring Africa. How can this group establish a better image of themselves and of China? The first step is to localize, which means creating employment opportunities for local people in African countries.

Our philosophy

If the Chinese only do business within their own circle, they will trigger dissatisfaction in the local community. Chinese should respect local cultures and laws, and try to integrate into the local community. Illegal operations and vicious competition between Chinese businesspeople and local enterprises are to blame for previous anti-Chinese incidents.

Doing business has its ups and downs, and African society will face turmoil and other difficulties. But China should rise and fall with our African friends together no matter what happens. For example, during the financial crisis in 2009, many factories in Africa closed down. But Touchroad in Africa increased employment to ease the pressure on the African people, winning their respect and gratitude.

Touchroad should actively fulfill its social responsibility as an enterprise. Wealth comes from society and thus should absolutely benefit society.

In Africa, Touchroad protects the environment, creates jobs for the local community, introduces advanced technology and sets up charity funds, all of which have received praise from local governments and people.

Touchroad believes that the purpose of doing business is not only for profit, but also to create a better life for mankind.

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