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Social innovators' contribution hailed
Bulos told China Daily that she feels incredible to meet people who share similar ideas and experiences at the forum.
4th Summer Davos starts in Tianjin
The program of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2010 started in Tianjin on September 13th.
Binhai New Area
Tianjin Port eyes big expansions
Tianjin Port's total cargo throughput is expected to reach 400 million tons - including 10 million containers - this year.
2010 Expo Tianjin Week kicks off
( chinadaily.com.cn )


As the Beijing week ends, Tianjin week's curtain goes up, from the 9th of may until the 13th,Tianjin's exhibition "The historic charm of Tianjin" from a national and folk-custom perspective, introduces the most representative "Three Unique techniques of Tianjin": Yangliuqing New Year Paining, Painted clay Figurine Zhang, and Kite Wei, all treasured as national intangible cultural heritages.

Also on display are the miracles of Paper-cutting, Farmer's painting, Engraving and Lettering, as well as the elegant Hand-knitting works, a parade of such exhibits fully expresses the beauty of Tianjin folk arts and the excellence of traditional techniques in combination with the charm and wonder of Tianjin's regional culture.

Tianjin's actor and actress, acrobats also gave an outstanding performance at the opening ceremony.

Video: Huan CAO & Cong Fangjun

TIANJIN City of Glamour
Interview with Hao Xishan