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Measures taken to promote tourism at Mount Wutai National Geopark

Updated : 2016-05-18

A group of geologists led by Wang Runfu, the chief engineer from provincial geology exploration bureau, paid a visit to Xinzhou city to discuss the development of geological tourism at Mount Wutai National Geopark on May 13.

Related government officials and principals from Mount Wutai scenic spot management committee attended the meeting.

The Mount Wutai National Geopark was founded in 2005. It is situated in the Mount Wutai scenic spot, Xinzhou city, covering an area of 592 square kilometers.

The geopark, regarded as a "museum of early history for the earth", is highly recognized by geologists at home and abroad as an ideal place to study plate tectonics because of its typical and ancient geologic structures, especially those from the Precambrian era, some of which are more than 2.5 billion years ago.

During the discussions, experts from the Geological Survey of Shanxi Province gave suggestions and ideas on the exploration and research of the geological resources, and suggested combining geology tourism with Buddhist culture.

Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy Party chief of Xinzhou pointed out at the meeting that the geological landscape enriches the development of Mount Wutai scenic spot and contributes to its depth of tourism.

Zhang also highlighted the importance of taking measures to formulate specific park preservation plans and keep a balance between geological exploration and tourism promotion.


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