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Tourists praise Mount Wutai Golden Lotus Hotel

Updated : 2015-08-21

With the arrival of summer, Mount Wutai, one of the world's five holy Buddhist shrines as well as the most famous Buddhist Mountain in China, is attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Accommodation is crucial to meet tourists’ needs.

Mount Wutai Golden Lotus Hotel is located at the southern gate of Mount Wutai, only just 800 meters away from the Xinfu expressway exit. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, it attracts lots of tourists to stay.

A visitor from Guangzhou said: "This hotel is really nice and clean, with reasonable prices. You can sense a strong Buddhist culture here since it's a Zen-themed hotel which provides meditation and vegetarian cuisine."

Tourists also praised the hotel's enthusiastic services and expressed hope that more hotels in Mount Wutai resort could actively improve the quality of services.

By Huang Pei

Edited by Andrew Ancheta


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