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Guangzhou to Mount Wutai Travel Routes

Updated : 2014-10-21

Including: meals and accommodation in temples, vegetarian food, and a guide for interpretations

Tour contents:

Sightseeing -- pleasantly cool Wutai Mountain with its unique scenery and poetic beauty.

Pilgrimage -- make a pilgrimage to Manjusri Bodhimanda to pray for wisdom, good academic results, or other blessings, and wait for the to work.

Experience -- accommodation and meals at temples, scriptures chanted in the morning and evening air with monks, prayers to Buddha, and monastic life.

Study -- lectures on "Manjusri and life and wisdom".

Starting from: Guangzhou


Day 1.

Meet at Guangzhou Airport and fly to Taiyuan in the morning; lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in Taiyuan; go on to Wutai Mountain and get accommodations at a temple in the afternoon; eat a vegetarian dinner at the temple; stay at a temple for the night.

Day 2.

Take part in scripture chanting in the morning; visit Taihuai temples, including Pusa Ding or Bodhisattva Top or little Potala Palace, Tayuan with the Buddha sarira-stupa, Xiantong, Wutai's largest and China's second, Shuxiang, origin of the Manjusri statue, Wuye which attracts the largest number of visitors, and White Cloud with its Buddha Cave; in the evening, have a Buddhist lecture and talk on "Manjusri beliefs and life and wisdom"; spend the night in a temple.

Day 3.

Take part in scripture chanting in the morning; have breakfast and visit Shancai Cave, Tongxin (one heart) Chain, walk along Wisdom Path with its 1,000 steps while kowtowing every three, and make a pilgrimage to Dailuo Top; in the afternoon visit Beitai (North Top) and Lingying Temple on Yedou Peak for a pilgrimage; have a free evening; spend the night at a temple on Wutai Mountain.

Day 4.

After breakfast go to Puan Temple, home of the Avalokitesvara Buddhisattva and talk with masters; return to Taiyuan Airport by bus; return to Guangzhou by plane in the afternoon.

Services include:

1. Round-trip airplane ticket and bus tickets.

2. All admission tickets for Mount Wutai.

3. Accommodations.

4. Vegetarian meals.

5. Scripture chanting in the morning and evening, and lectures by scholars.

6. Temple masters accompanying you the whole journey.

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