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Celebrations for 119th anniversary of Shanxi University


Updated : 2021-05-08

9 am on May 8 - Launch Ceremony for the Celebrations of the 119th Anniversary of the Founding of Shanxi University and the One-year Countdown of the 120th Anniversary

7:30 pm on May 8 - Gala for the 119th Anniversary of the Founding of Shanxi University

Academic activities

8:30 am on May 7- Academic Report: Causal Reasoning and Analysis in Empirical Research

2:30 pm on May 7 - Academic Forum: Forum on Ecological Protection and the High-quality Development of the Yellow River Basin

4 pm on May 9 - Academic Report: From Digitization to Digital Intelligence and its Applications

7:30 pm on May 12 – Leading Teacher Lectures: Standardized Space and Practical Philosophy

8:30 am on May 14 - Academic Seminar: Symposium on Cell Structure and Functions

Alumni Series Activities

10 am on April 26 - Founding Meeting for Shanxi University's Alumni Association of Journalism Department

3 pm on April 29 - Launch Ceremony for the Shanxi University Alumni Service Platform

Noon to 1 pm on May 6 - Unveiling Ceremony of Shanxi University Cultural and Creative Products

10 am to noon on May 8 - 2021 President and Secretary General Meeting of Shanxi University Alumni Association and Preparatory Meeting of the Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance

3 pm on May 8 - Alumni Representatives' Tour of Shanxi University (former site of Shanxi University's Dongshan new campus)

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