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Traditional opera for Pingyao Spring Festival

There was a performance of some traditional Jin Opera that brought a lot of joy to tourists and locals alike, Feb 27.

Rural photography exhibition to celebrate the Spring Festival

Local villagers from Hengpo village, Pingyao county, see the photography exhibition held by the county's photography society, a cultural event to celebrate the Spring Festival, FEb 17.

Pingyao extends New Year's wishes in a colorful way

Pingyao county announced the opening of its "Spring Festival Couplet" event, on Feb 11, where hundreds of calligraphers gathered to display calligraphic skills and send New Year's wishes.

Taiwanese join Shanxi folk events to celebrate Spring Festival

Pingyao county, a very popular historic spot in Shanxi province, played host to two dozen tourists from Taiwan this Lunar New Year, on Feb 23, who came to enjoy the shadow puppet play.

Exciting folk customs for the "Pingyao Chinese New Year"

The Pingyao Chinese New Year will be arranging folk activities centered on traditional culture.

Spring Festival couplets and new year wishes around Pingyao

Forty calligraphy lovers volunteer to write Spring Festival couplets for local people in the Pingyao county.

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