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Updated: 2021-01-05

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Sheshan Mountain is located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, China. It includes East Sheshan Mountain and West Sheshan Mountain, 98m and 97m above sea level respectively. It is a backyard garden of Shanghai and a famous scenic area on the outskirts of Shanghai. Now it belongs to the Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

The Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is in Songjiang district in the western suburbs of Shanghai and 30km from downtown. It is the only natural mountain forest resort in Shanghai and covers 401ha of land. The 12 mountains in the resort stretch 13km from southwest to northeast, adding a range of scenic mountains and forests to the Shanghai Plain. It was approved as a national forest park by the Chinese Ministry of Forestry in 1993. The area of Sheshan Mountain was approved as a national tourist resort by the State Council in 1995. Sheshan Mountain has enjoyed a long-lasting reputation for its historical, cultural and religious background.

Over the years, Sheshan National Tourist Resort has built many scenic spots and high-class forest tourist service facilities, such as East Sheshan Park, West Sheshan Park, Xiaokunshan Park, Sheshan Mountain Cableway, Dryland Sleighs, Forest Bird Park, Sheshan Forest Hotel and Forest Restaurant. Now it has become a comprehensive enterprise catering for forest tourism and landscaping.

West Sheshan Park is a scenic spot with the best environment and the largest area among the nine peaks. The man-made landscape and natural scenery in the park attract numerous Chinese and foreign tourists. In the middle of dense trees at the top of the mountain, there is an imposing building. It is the well-known "Far East's First Church". The dome building adjacent to it is China's oldest observatory. The tea garden on the southwest slope is the only place producing "Shanghai Longjing" tea, which is regarded as top class among tea products.

East Sheshan Park is 74m above sea level and has an area of over 800mu (53.3 hectare). The mountain has abundant animal and plant resources. It ios particularly famous for its bamboo shoots with a delicate fragrance of orchid. When Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1661~1722) visited, he immediately wrote "Lan Sun Shan" (literally "orchid bamboo shoot mountain") and named the bamboo shoot "orchid bamboo shoot" after he ate it. As early as the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368~1644), ten attractions were built here, including the Suigao Garden, Baishi Mountain Villa and Meigong Angling Rock. Famous explorer Xu Xiake even visited Sheshan Mountain three times. His 5,000km expedition even started from here.

Here it feels like spring all the year round. The forest bird park, home to nearly 10,000 birds of more than 50 species, is inside East Sheshan Park. The park has become a popular science education base for youg people in Shanghai.

The 98.2 meters high Tianmashan Park is the highest peak among the nine peaks and has an area of about 120 hectares. In ancient times, there were many Buddhist palaces and temples in the mountains. Each March, the local people in Songjun township would go to the mountain and offer incense. On the mountainside, there is a pagoda called "Huzhu Pagoda". It was built in AD 1079 (the second year of Emperor Yuanfeng's reign in the Northern Song Dynasty) more than 900 years ago. The pagoda inclines at a degree of 6°51'52", 1° greater than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. It is worthy of the name of No. 1 leaning tower in the world. Currently, the pagoda is a heritage site under the protection of Shanghai.

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