Five go-to sites in Chenshan

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Updated: 2020-03-13

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Children's Garden

The Children's Garden was created to engage children with lively and interesting plant games and play facilities designed to encourage them to develop greater plant awareness. We hope that by playing in a setting rich with plants, and ecological and natural interest, children might begin to understand the importance of plants to humans and the planet's ecosystems. Features of the Children's Garden include the Topiary Garden, the Little Zoo, a Tree House and a Pirate Ship on the Willow Tree Island.

Tropical Plants Exploration Museum

The Tropical Plants Exploration Museum, which opened in 2015, is located in the pavilion between the three conservatories. The museum is a multimedia center designed to interpret the rich diversity and value of the living plants in the adjacent glasshouses. Designed for all ages, this compact space presents a wealth of botanical information.

4D Cinema

Chenshan 4D Popular Science Theater can house over 150 people. Wings of Life, a 4D film currently playing in this theater presents the natural ecological phenomenon of co-evolution between insects and other animals and plants, both of which jointly maintain the beauty of the natural world. From a new angle and a shocking perspective, this film gives people a fresh feeling and arouses their concern about ecological and environmental protection.

Tree House

Chenshan Botanical Garden is a minor renovation to the original cedar forest, which has been built into a unique tree house cluster. Each tree house differs from the others in appearance and size, and is connected to the others through a wooden trestle and drawbridge, thus full. When the sunlight penetrates through the tips of branches creating mottled light and shadows, it fills children's minds with many fantasies about the natural world.

Pirate Ship

Chenshan Botanical Garden's design makes ingenious use of Willow Island as the body of a ship. Matched with a well-designed ship's bow and stern, it looks like a brave pirate ship sailing on Xihu Lake, when viewed at a distance.

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