Art meets nature at Sheshan moon lake

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Updated: 2019-10-17

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Art meets nature at Sheshan moon lake

A post-modern sculpture at the Shanghai Sculpture Park [Photo/IC]

The Shanghai Sculpture Park, or Sheshan Moon Lake Sculpture Park, has more than 80 artistic sculptures embodying the power of nature.

The park was funded by a Taiwan entrepreneur and covers an area of over 1,300 mu (86.67 hectares), 465 mu of which is covered by the man-made Moon Lake.

The banks of the lake cover an area of 500 mu and are divided into four sections—one for each season. Sculptures and buildings in the area are themed around the seasons.

The spring section of the bank consists of a water curtain bridge, a help center for visitors, a stalactite cave, and a floating stage.

Art meets nature at Sheshan moon lake

The Shanghai Sculpture Park exhibits China's version of Stonehenge. It consists of 26 giant granite blocks, making it the largest such work in China. The four core stones are 12 meters high and weigh more than 100 tons. [Photo/IC]

The summer section boasts an artificial beach, a children's playground, and a carnival square.

The autumn section features the Yuehu Art Museum, where paintings, modern art, and automobiles are exhibited on a monthly basis.

The winter section revolves around the five-star spring resort Yuehu Dream Land, which offers tailor-made services and strives to bring humans in harmony with nature.

Location: 1158 Linyin Road, Songjiang district, Shanghai

Tel: +86 021-57798090

Getting there: Take metro line 9 to Sheshan station

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