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Shanghai-styled Yangko dance in Lujiazui

Updated: 2014-11-18

Shanghai-styled Yangko dance in Lujiazui

The Lujiazui district office has developed a "Shanghai-styled Yangko" by combining the traditional Yangko style dance and modern Shanghai culture.

The dance has three distinct features. First, the spiritual core, symbolic actions and vocabulary of traditional Yangko are reserved. Second, based on the integrated culture of Shanghai style and the five Yangko schools in the northern regions, the Shanghai-styled Yangko represents the fineness and gracefulness of Jiangnan culture. Third, by absorbing and borrowing its essence from other dances and vocabularies and combining local features of Shanghai, the Lujiazui district office continually completed five sets of "Shanghai-styled Yangko".

Chinese musical instruments such as flutes and urheens were added. The music mixes Chinese gongs and drums with modern drum rhythms. The dance integrated four traditional Chinese Yangko styles and with foreign dance elements such as Latin dance, the Cha Cha and line dancing.